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    Madinah is widely known as the second holiest city in Islam and the final burial place of Muhammad himself. Like many Muslim cities in Saudi Arabia, non-Muslims are prevented from visiting much of the city. For this reason, Madinah hotels are often tricky to find for these people, which is where can help. can find the Madinah hotels available and make a booking with one simple interface. This takes away the pain of trying to find suitable accommodation and leaves more time for exploring this amazing city.Given the religious restriction surrounding entrance to the city centre, non-Muslims are often less likely to visit Madinah. However, for those able to enter, the Prophet's Mosque is where devout Muslims offer prayer. Men are permitted to visit the actual burial site of the Prophet. Close by to the mosque, is a burial site of many of the Prophet’s family members, known as Jannatul Baqi. The nearby plains and mountain of Uhud are also popular for visitors of Madinah.