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        Eastern Province is the largest of Saudi Arabia`s provinces and is located in the east on the beautiful Persian Gulf coast. This area is home to some of the world`s largest petroleum ports. Despite this, it still has stunning crystal waters where you can experience excellent scub diving conditions. The waters of Jubail are particularly good for diving and water sports. has cheap hotels in Eastern Province that will introduce you to the wonders of the region, no matter what you have planned. At Jebel Garah there are large caves that can be explored. A series of caves called Ghar Al Hashshab open into immense canyons.The fort of Qasr Ibrahim is an impressive 16 the century monument that aludes to the might and power possessed by Ottoman governors. Here you can see the castle, jail and Turkish baths. Located in the harbor of the Eastern Province is Tarut Island, which has been inhabited for more than 5000 years and has evidence of Greek, Mesopotamiam and Sumerian civilisation. The importance of this location is demonstrated by the Tarut Fort, which dates to the 1500s. Tarut Island is famous for its lapis lazuli, pearls and other gem stones. The Eastern Provinces has over 300 registered sites of historical and archeological importance.