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    The city of Nis is the largest city in southern Serbia and is located in the Nisava district. There are over 250,000 people in the city and plenty of discount Nis hotels to choose from whether you want a budget hotel in Nis central or in the suburbs. Nis is also one of the oldest cities in the Balkan region and has long been considered an important link between Europe and Asia Minor. The city is perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of the founder of Constantinople and the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great.This link to Christian history continues in the city's architectural attractions. The Church of Mediana is one of the oldest Christian churches in Serbia and was built in the 4th century. While you are in Mediana, you cannot miss a stop at the Roman imperial villa and ruins. The mosaics alone are worth the trip and you can see many of the finds from the site in the museum there. Skull Tower is an unusual and slightly gruesome site. It is a monument to the Serbian rebels from the 19th century and is named for the human skulls embedded in the outer wall.