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North Backa is a district that lies in the north of Serbia, close to the Hungarian border. It is a multi-ethnic region with a strong Catholic and Orthodox following and there are some charming churches that can be visited in this area. In the biggest town, Subotica, the visitor can see the Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila built in 1797 and a Franciscan Monastery dating from 1723. In Aleksandrovo there is the Synagogue and Orthodox Church built in the 17th century.Mali Idos is a little town in the North Backa region of Serbia. Here you will find the quaint baroque style church of St. Anne. You may also visit the ruins of Pecze Mansion and a cavalry and obelisk of the battle of Kishegyes. This area of Serbia has had a tumultuous past, having been previously ruled by the Romans, Ottomans, and from the 17th century up until the beginning of the 20th century the Hapsburg Empire. This area relies mostly on agriculture and cycling or hiking around the lush countryside is a peaceful past time. has a range of cheap hotels in this area waiting to introduce you to an as yet undiscovered corner of Europe with an intriguing past.