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Subotica has a population of slightly under 150,000 friendly residents, spread across a land area of about 1008 square kilometers. What this means for travelers, coupled with the fact the area boasts some amazing unique points of interest, is that Subotica is the place to visit when in Serbia. Suitable accommodation is important on any holiday, so trusting in to find the perfect Subotica hotel is a sound plan. Subotica hotels come in a range of options, so using the expertise of makes sense, in anyone’s language.When visiting Subotica, be sure to take a look at city hall which dates back 1908. Also of interest may be the Synagogue which was built only a few years earlier. The Artistic Encounter building is also an amazing example of Nouveau architecture. Some notable churches in the area include the Catholic Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila, as well as the nearby Franciscan Monastery.