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      There are a number of North/Central Serbia attractions for tourists to enjoy. For example, in the province of Vojvodina, youll find Fruška Gora, a mountain renowned for its beauty and breathtaking natural landscape. The area around Fruška Gora also contains several historical North/Central Serbia sights, the majority of which are Serbian Orthodox Monasteries. There is Velika Remeta, Vrdnik-Ravanica, and Petkovica, among many others. Part of North/Central Serbia tourism centers on hikes across Fruška Gora and around these monasteries. If you head more to the center of the country when visiting North/Central Serbia, you can visit the remains of Roman constructions; check out the city of Gamzigrad to admire the ruins of the complex called Felix Romuliana, what was once an imperial palace.Check out Kalemegdan, a park which houses the remains of a fortress dating to Roman times, but which was built over pre-existing Celtic structures. For a taste of North/Central Serbia culture, visit the important and ancient city of Belgrade. There are several museums and cultural institutions in the city, the most famous being the National Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. Dedicate a weekend in North/Central Serbia to walking around the streets of Belgrade to admire its buildings and architecture, which mixes oriental hints with contemporary western styles. There are a multitude of interesting things to see and things to do in North/Central Serbia; for more information and to find out where the best North/Central Serbia shopping is located, hop online.