Hotels in Košice

Košice Details

Košice is located in eastern Slovakia on the Hornád River. It is situated right on the eastern edge of the Slovak Ore Mountains, and is very near to the border with Hungary. If you stay in a budget hotel in Košice you will therefore be able to take in two countries during your trip. The city is famous for being the first place in the whole of Europe to get its own coat-of-arms. Being the second largest city in the country, you wont have problems finding things to do in Košice.The most important landmark of Košice is the St. Elisabeth Cathedral. This 14th century Gothic cathedral is the biggest in the country. A walk down Main Street will allow you to pass through most of the historical monuments of the city. For entertainment, the main place of interest is the State Theater Košice. During your stay in a discount hotel in Košice, you may also want to visit the Executioners Bastion, which is part of the remains of the ancient fortification system of the city.