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You can feel the history and rich culture throughout Nitriansky/Slovakia, and it shows through in the attractions. Though this isnt as much of a tourist trap as other areas of the country, there are some great deals on cheap hotels in Nitriansky Slovakia. When visiting here, its important to visit some of the great local spots to truly explore the culture. Amongst the top four points of interest in Nitriansky Slovakia are the Watermill of Bohunice, the Fortification System of Koma, the Nitra Castle, and Brhlovce which is a local village located within this region.This is a great place to soak up the local culture and take in some of the beauty that this land holds. As you plan a trip here, it can be quite helpful to know that there are some very nice budget hotels in Nitriansky Slovakia that should be checked into for a great value right in the heart of the city.