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Poprad is the tenth largest city in the Presovsky region of northern Slovakia, nestled at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. It is quite the historical city, with landmarks to remind both locals and guests just how far Poprad has come since the 13th through the 17th centuries. Over the years, it has been a German town, a Hungarian town, and a Polish town. Poprad is a picturesque little city that is full of potential. The sports minded will enjoy the centers for squash and bowling. There are also tennis courts, skittle grounds, skating facilities, and even the chance to go bungee jumping in Poprad. Budget hotels in Poprad offer visitors comfortable accommodations that are true money savers.Tourism is very important to Poprad. The areas skiing facilities bring in people from all over. Other attractions will be of interest to visitors. The Main Square of Poprad is part modern architecture and part historic. A visit to the Evangelic Church of the St.Trinity along with several museums and the AquaCity of Poprad will make for a full and fun day of sightseeing and activity. Those who enjoy church architecture will be pleased with the number of churches in Poprad. St Egidio, Evangelic Holy Trinity, St John the Evangelist, St Steven the King, St George, and Our Lady of Sorrows are a few of the myriad church structures you can see. Discount hotels in Poprad are a snap to locate when using the listings at