Hotels in Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica Details

Nova Gorica is not the largest city in Slovakia, however, it does compete when it comes to providing a wide variety of things to do and exclusive places to see. Most people are slightly daunted at the task of finding accommodation in an unknown city, so it will come as a relief to know that takes all the hassle out of finding a Nova Gorica hotel. Regardless, your Nova Gorica hotel room will be the last places you’ll want to hang out, when you see the array of tourist sites the city has to offer.First of all, there’s the Regional Museum. When you’re finished absorbing all it has to offer, head over to the local Art Gallery – try not to be amazed. The Nova Gorica Cultural Centre gives tourist the opportunity to take a glimpse into the history and culture of the town, while Kromberk Castle is not to be visited without a trusted holiday camera.