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    Bloemfontein Details

    Many discount hotels in Bloemfontein are situated near the Bloemfontein Fountain for which the town was named. Visitors will want to visit the fountain and see the beautiful flowers, or bloemen, from which the city gets its name. Flowers can also be seen at the National Botanical Garden which celebrates the local flora of the area. Nearby is the National Museum that focuses on regional and local history.The Anglo Boer War has left its presence in the area and guests can learn more about this time in the nations history at the Anglo Boer Museum. Plus, The Queens Fort Museum has exhibits focusing on the war and on Apartheid. Sports lovers will enjoy a trip to the Choet Visser Rugby Museum which focuses on famous players and the history of the sport. Guests at cheap hotels in Bloemfontein can also enjoy entertainment at the City Zoo and in many of the citys restaurants and cafes.