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For the ultimate wildlife and wetlands vacation, St. Lucia is the spot to see. For the best rates at hotels in St.Lucia, search all kinds at This South African town regularly has wild animals such as hippos and monkeys roaming its streets. The St. Lucia Wetlands Park is probably the most well known place in South Africa and is known as a World Heritage Site. Although being able to see nature in an up close and personal way is the main draw of the area, there is also shopping to be had. There are budget hotels in St. Lucia near the St. Lucia Craft Market. It offers tourists and locals a place to peruse and buy locally made crafts and baskets.Adventures like driving across the sand dunes from St. Lucia from Cape Vidal all the way up to Sodwana Bay are also available. Let find you cheap hotels in St. Lucia near Cape Vidal. This area is known for its pristine beaches and wonderful hiking trails. Snorkeling and sailing are two more popular activities in the general vicinity of St. Lucia. Bird safaris at Lake St. Lucia offer the chance to see well over 400 species of birds that are indigenous to the area. This region of the South African coast is absolutely amazing and there are many guided tours that are available.