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      Located near Seoul on South Korea’s west coast is the city of Incheon. This third largest city in the country boasts a history dating back to the Neolithic period. Getting to the city is quite easy as it contains its own airport; as well there is a direct subway ride from Seoul which helps business travelers reach their Incheon hotels. While offers a variety of discount hotels in Incheon for leisure travelers, the upcoming 2009 Global Fair and Festival may cause many of them to book early.Bupyeong Station, the subway hub, is also a great place for shopping. Underground are stores selling women’s clothing and cell phones, while aboveground features a variety of restaurants and further shops. Jayu Park features a statue of General MacArthur prominently displayed as a memorial to relations with the U.S. Military historians will enjoy taking a trip to Wolmido, the location of Green Beach, where MacArthur invaded the country, and Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall, with its small museum of military items and history.