Hotels in A Coruña

    A Coruña Details

    If you want a great experience, visit A Coruña to enjoy the second biggest city in the northwestern region of Spain. You will want to experience tourism in A Coruña for its unique culture and its Mediterranean like climate. Although the city of A Coruña experiences rainfall and strong winds from time to time, overall the climate is pleasant and enjoyable. In addition, you will not regret taking the time to plan a weekend in A Coruña because there are many things to do on A Coruña like visiting the nearby city of Vigo. Thus, you will want to be sure to take the time to enjoy seeing A Coruña attractions like Roman Tower of Hercules. More A Coruña sights that visitors will want to experience are Ferrol, a nearby city and the oil refinery. Finish your trip with shopping on A Coruña.