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Santiago de Compostela Details

For a fantastic trip in Spain, you definitely want to consider visiting Santiago de Compostela. It is the final stop on the famous medieval pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago or, in English, the Way of St. James. It is also home to several incredibly popular and historical landmarks. Visitors will be impressed with the hotels in Santiago de Compostela. They are well run and able to provide excellent lodgings for as long as you like or even for just a weekend. Santiago de Compostela is also a university town, so guests have a wide variety of young and interesting people to encounter during their visit. As an added bonus for families, staying in one of the discount hotels Santiago de Compostela has to offer is a great way to save money. Try As previously noted, Santiago de Compostela is full of exciting monuments to visit. No trip to this town is complete without visiting the Rajoy Palace. Another enchanting castle to see is the Gelmirez Palace. It was constructed in the Roman style. The Santiago de Compostela hotels are full of information regarding these and other attractions in the area. Budget minded people will appreciate the Santiago de Compostela cheap hotels as a more cost efficient alternative.