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        The city of Gijón is located in the Spanish region of Asturias. Located along the coast, this city was once known as a large fishing village, however over the years the port of Gijón has become the key harbour where all the coal mined in the area is shipped, as well as glass and ceramics. Gijón is the largest city in the region of Asturias with beautiful buildings and landscaping. While in the Asturias region, a Gijón weekend trip is well worth considering. There are a few hotels in Gijón along with restaurants, parks and museums. Gijón discount hotels and Gijón cheap hotels can be found at of the main beaches in the city of Gijón is the Playa del San Lorenzo with its sandy beaches it is a popular site during the warm summer months. Located on the peninsula that divides the port in half, is the old quarters of the city – and old fishing village of Cimadevilla. This fishing village has many narrow cobblestone streets that are lined with colourful fishing cottages that gives a glimpse into the past. The Cerro de Santa Catalina is a park located at the tip of the peninsula that boasts beautiful views of the coastline. Located on the peninsula is the Eligio del Horizonte, a large sculpture the size of a house.