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    The largest province in Spain, Badajoz has an interesting history that reaches back to the ancient Romans and Moors. It is only 6 kilometers from Portugal and is the perfect place to start a vacation. For the weekend, Badajoz offers much to do. Badajoz hotels are ready to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Quaint streets are ideal for strolling. There is an interesting historic district that brings to life the struggles for control by various groups between the years 1229 and 1936. On a northeast hill sits the Alcazaba. It was once the seat of power for the city’s Moorish rulers. It is an unusual structure with an octagonal feature called the Torre de Espantaperros – a battlement build by the Almohads. The nearby mosque now contains the Badajoz Archeological Museum. Hotels in Badajoz make a great place to start your local area search for historical treasures.The conquest history of Badajoz extends to even its churches. The Cathedral of San Juan is built like a fortress and is typical of 13th century architecture. It has paintings by Luis de Morales and contains 12 chapels. Other interesting religious buildings include the Church of San Agustin and the Convento de Santa Ana. For those who enjoy museums, Badajoz has two excellent museums. The Museum of Fine Art showcases works by Morales, Picasso and Dalí. There is also a Museum of Provincial Art. The street to the museum also leads to the battlement called Puente de Palmas. The structure is a granite bridge built in 1596 on Roman foundations. Badajoz is a fascinating city in every respect, but especially for the history aficionado. To find one of the Badajoz cheap hotels, visit For discount hotels, Badajoz is without compare.