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            Capdepera is a town of 10,245 inhabitants located in Majorca, the biggest of Spain's Balearic Islands. The town was brought into being on the order of King Jaume II in 1300 AD. The king intended the village to be a defensive fortification, protecting the then-empty land of Majorca from invaders, and thus keeping a firm control over the Mediterranean trade routes around the island. Nowadays, that fortified part of town is considered the "old village" of Capdepera. Capdepera is a few kilometers away from the sea, but it offers several other attractions. The most prominent and visible is Capdepera Castle, looming above the fortified "old village." Another attraction is the Church of Our Lady of Hope, located on the same hill as the castle. Another attraction of the village are the Coves d'Arta, a web of eerie caves.