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              Located in the Balearic Sea is the Balearic Islands, and it is here where Ibiza is located. An island full of activities, sites, and fun, Ibiza has a lot to offer any visitor. With beautiful sandy beaches, historical buildings, and modern facilities, this island is a popular tourist destination and the airport is very busy. Known for its nightlife, Ibiza attracts both the young and old. An Ibiza weekend trip is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the excitement of the island. There are many hotels in Ibiza that offer various facilities some located along the sandy beaches, while other hotels are located more inland. Ibiza hotels, Ibiza cheap hotels and Ibiza discount hotels can be found at

              The town of Ibiza is the capital of the city and is full of wonderful sites, both old and new. The Port area is full of winding narrow lanes filled with great shops and restaurants, the Old Town has many cobbled streets with great views of the bay. Located near the town is the Talamanca Beach and the Figueretas Beach. Both are known for its lovely sandy beaches, calm waters, and watersport activities. Aside from the beaches, there are a few other things to do and see in Ibiza, such as the Hippy Market where the old-time hippies sing, dance, and sell a variety of items like batik wraps, leather moccasins, and sliver jewellery or trinkets. If you wish to explore the beautiful country side that Ibiza has to offer, there is a Scenic Tour Train that takes you to all the well-known sites. Some of the popular natural attractions is the Las Salinas, or Salt Flats, and the Can Marca Caves that is full of beautiful spectacular music and light show at the heart of the cave.