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      Centre Comercial de les Glories Barcelona Details

      During the sprucing up of Barcelona for the 1992 Olympic Games, a shopping center was built to rival all shopping centers, even the ones in the United States. The Glories is spread across three buildings and is divided by needs. One building contains mostly fashion, while others were set aside for leisure and furnishings. Food courts are scattered throughout, as well as full service restaurants. Each building has three floors and 3,500 parking spaces. Some can shop where they work because one building also contains offices. You need only get off work and take the elevator down shopping for dinner before going to your car.

      While construction began well before 1992, the center wasn't inaugurated until April of 1995, there was still so much to be done. Even then, construction would continue in 2001 with new refurbishments due to the extension of La Rambla and other sections of town where the roads converge on the huge shopping center. You could easily spend the entire day here, or even most of your Barcelona vacation, if you'd rather shop than see the sights. The cinema has 9 screens, and some of the most interesting movies in Spain. (Not necessarily what is considered a box office smash in the rest of the world.)

      Address: Av. Diagonal, 208, 08018 Barcelona, Spain

      Phone: +34 934 86 04 04