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      Columbus Monument Details

      The Columbus Monument is a commemoration of Columbus' discovery of America. The reason for it being situated in Barcelona is because he was welcomed by the Catholic king on return from his first visit to America. The idea of building a statue was born in 1856, but it was not completed until 1881 - due to the efforts of raising the capital, finding an architect and convincing the town leaders that it was a good idea.

      The Columbus Monument is not only a column with a statue depicting Columbus, but it has a massive lower part with many details and carvings on the pedestal, plinth and base, as well as a viewing balcony accessed by a lift inside.

      Address: Plaza Portal de la Pau, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

      Opened: 1888

      Phone: +34 933 02 52 24

      Architect: Gaietà Buïgas

      Province: Province of Barcelona