Hotels in Els Encants Market in Barcelona

      Els Encants Market in Barcelona Details

      Els Encants, an open air market much like a flea market, sells both collectors items and garage sale-like stuff. Held in the Placa de les Glories from sunrise to dusk every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, locals and travelers alike crowd the sunny streets to search out the best deals. The flea market is very much like any you would find at home. Street vendors hawking wares and tasty treats line the walkways and the smell of food and goods is in the air.

      Street performers come down from Las Ramblas to dance and perform magic tricks for change, and professional "live statues" stand still for hours in the Spanish sunshine. A little further on you will find a section for the buying and selling of used furniture. On Dos de Maiq street, craftsmen and junk sellers set up with everything from newly constructed to highly unusual used furniture. While much of it would be too large to try to bring back as souvenirs, the artistry of some of the pieces are reminiscent of Antonio Gaudi's work, and are well worth walking the extra two blocks to get to the furniture "section" of the market.

      Address: Calle Castillejos, 158, 08013 Barcelona, Spain

      Phone: +34 932 46 30 30