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      National Theatre of Catalonia Details

      If you want to see a fantastic example of modern architecture, then make sure to check the National Theatre of Catalonia in Barcelona when you next visit the city. The Theatre took five years to construct and was designed by Ricardo Bofill. It has a large staircase at the front leading up to the entrance. There is a large foyer and auditorium, which are under a metal roof held up by pillars, which run along each side of the building. The foyer is extremely attractive, with lots of greenery and a transparent front that makes it bright and airy and a place that most people compliment.

      There are three theatres within the building, showing different sorts of plays - which means that there is likely to be something to suit all tastes. Most of the plays are performed in Catalan. Even if you do not have the time to see a play, it is well worth taking a look inside and outside.

      Address: Plaça de les Arts, 1, 08013 Barcelona, Spain


      Phone: +34 933 06 57 00

      Open hours: 9:30 am 9:00 pm

      Province: Province of Barcelona

      Architect: Ricardo Bofill