Hotels in Sants Station

      Sants Station Details

      Being slightly outside the city centre of Barcelona means rates arent quite as high as in more popular areas of the city. As an important transport hub, Sants sees a lot of people travelling through on business.

      Whilst the metro can get you virtually anywhere in the city of Barcelona, you may choose to catch a train from Sants to a destination. Trains run from here to Sitges, El Prat Airport and more destinations. Located west of the centre of Barcelona, Sants Stations main floor consists mostly of shops and a ticket window running down the center of the building. The next level holds the train bays. The ticket sellers are helpful to tourists; simply purchase your ticket and they can tell you which escalator to take down to your train.

      Address:Carrer Joan Peiró, 7-1, 08014 Barcelona, Spain


      Phone:+34 90 224 0202