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Martorell is a town of slightly over 25,000 inhabitants, located in the northeastern Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia. The town is not far from Barcelona, sprawling between two interconnected rivers, the Llobregat and the Anoia. The river Anoia divides the town. Motorists fear Martorell because it is the center of most paid (toll) automobile roads in Catalonia. However, there is little reason for fear. Martorell is a thriving industrial town with an immaculately preserved historic district. The SEAT automobile factory is based in Martorell, and contributes greatly to its present-day economy.The most famous attraction in Martorell is the 13th century "Devil's Bridge" (el Puente del Diablo), so named because of the pointed, gothic arch that holds the bridge above the waters of the Llobregat River. Other attractions are the Romanesque church of Santa Margarida, as well as the Castle of Rosanes. To find the best deals on Martorell hotels, use the Internet. Sites like are a fast and powerful way to find hotels in Martorell that suit your travel and budget needs.