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The town of Lerma lies on the Arlanza River in the Burgos region of Spain. The architecturally stunning town is dominated by the former Palace of the Duke of Lerma and the spires of the San Pedro Colegiata. Visitors should take the time to tour the inside of this 17th-Century church, home of Spain’s oldest organ. The arch of Cárcel was originally a gate in the city wall. It later became a prison.Search for hotels in Lerma with Find a cheap hotel in the town or surrounding area and plan to dedicate at least a day to sightseeing in the village itself. In addition to the major architectural points of interest, Lerma is home to a pair of lovely old convents. A walking tour from your Lerma hotel will turn up fascinating details in the town square and the Ducal Palace. The river is calm and the light on the old stone buildings is magical in the late afternoons.