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Miranda de Ebro is a medium-sized town of about 39,000 permanent residents, located towards the north of Spain, part of the region known as Castile and Leon. Despite its relatively small size, the city is a major center of industry. It is made so especially by Spain's railroad: many railroad lines converge in Miranda de Ebro. There are many important chemical manufacturing companies based in the city. Farming, once dominant in the town, also still has some affect on its economy. There is plentiful limestone nearby, for mining.Most hotels in Miranda de Ebro are concentrated around the historic center of town, next to its biggest points of interest. These include the City Hall, the Carlos III Bridge--a marvel of 18th century engineering--and the Town Castle, i.e. the Castle of Miranda de Ebro. To find the best Miranda de Ebro hotels, investigate ahead of time. Use sites like to book all manner of lodgings before you even leave for your trip.