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    Founded by the Romans in 34 BC, Cáceres is a Spanish region with much to offer. If you can spend a weekend in Cáceres, you will find that the many towers of the province offer you sightseeing as well as picturesque settings for sunrises and sunsets. When you enter Arco de la Estrella (the Arch of the Star), you are transported to the beginning of the many Cáceres sights and sounds, all of which make for a perfect vacation setting. The Cáceres culture has a lot of Arabian influence due to previous ways and takeovers in the lands, but other lands have also left their mark. Cáceres tourism highlights include the Palace of Carvajal. Within this palace is a courtyard that is home to a fig tree. Other things to do on Cáceres include walking through the House of Paredes Saavedra and surrounding buildings, many of which have a Baroque style. When you visit Cáceres, you might also find that shopping on Cáceres is a delight, as you never know what you will find. Other Cáceres attractions include the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Mountain, which can be seen as you leave the city borders as well as Trujillo.