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      Algeciras is basically an industrial centre and a port. For most tourists it is a place to stop at while on the way to somewhere else. However, for those willing to spend a day or a weekend, Algeciras is not without its interesting points. For one thing, the city is directly across the bay from the mighty Rock of Gibraltar, which has been a British possession since 1713. Algeciras offers a splendid view of the historically strategic Rock. It is a good place from which to visit Gibraltar and explore the Crown colonys fortifications and tunnels.Algeciras is also the home port of a large fishing fleet, and some reasonably priced restaurants serve excellent seafood. Algeciras is not a beautiful city, but it does have some tree lined plazas and lovely, quiet parks. At the Plaza Alta you can see the eighteenth century church Nuestra Senora de la Palma. The city is also known as the Gateway to Morocco, and ferries leave from the huge dock for Tangier every day. From Algeciras tourists can arrange one-day or two-day trips to Morocco. They can also take excursions by train to other parts of Andalusia. Besides the top rated hotels in Algeciras, there are also discount hotels. Algeciras is not a major tourist destination, but it is on a very heavily traveled route, so in Algeciras cheap hotels are up to standards. Go to for details.