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Chipiona is a town of about 18,000 inhabitants, located in the Andalusian province of Cadiz, in Spain. The town sprung up in Roman times, near the site of a lighthouse at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, where it empties out into the sea. To this day, the town of Chipiona stands where the Guadalquivir enters the Mediterranean Sea to this day. Its romantic seaside environment has attracted many visitors over the years. When a tidal wave hit Spain in 1755 as a result of the famous and deadly Lisbon earthquake, the town held a procession that it continues to hold annually to this day. The wrought iron cross that figured most prominently in the procession, called "La Cruz del Mar," is located on the town's waterfront to this day. It comprises one of the town's most distinctive attraction. Another distinctive and symbolic Chippiona attraction is the modern-day lighthouse of Chippiona. It has the most powerful beacon of any lighthouse in Spain, and is one of Spain's largest lighthouses. A third Chippiona attraction is the Castle of Chippiona, a picturesque fortress-like structure that looms directly over the sea.It can be hard to find hotels in Chippiona if you don't know where to look. Sites like ease the process considerably, as they let would-be visitors find and reserve Chippiona hotels without ever leaving their computers.