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Ceuta, a city in the very South of Spain, is almost not a part of Spain at all. Its position on the North African side of the Strait of Gibraltar gives it strategic and war time importance, and it is also one of the last places to catch a hotel before taking the ferry over to Africa. Ceuta as a city has quite a long history, going back in to legend. It is one of the suspected sites for the Pillars of Hercules. Throughout the different wars, the town belonged to the Vandals, Romans, Carthinians, Visigoths, Berbers, and Moors. The old Royal Moat and wall are visible, as are many other historic defensive structures. Modern defenses against smuggling include the Ceuta border fence, which is a good site for visiting to see what all the fuss is aboutthe Morroccan government is quite opposed to it! As Ceuta lacks some of the museums and other niceties of larger cultural centers, ancient battlefield explorers will find it a nice haven for a historical getaway.