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    Cordoba is a scenic, ancient city in the region of Andalusia, in the south of Spain. Founded by the Romans, the city grew to great prominence during the 10th century AD, when it presided as the capital of the Moorish Caliphate of Cordoba, with up to 500,000 residents. With 323,600 inhabitants as of 2007, Cordoba continues to be a city of non-negligible size well into the present day. Much of the look of present-day Cordoba derives from the city's glory days, making it a favorite destination for tourists interested in the culture of old Arabic civilizations.History-loving visitors flock to Cordoba hotels to see such world-famous attractions as the Cordoba Mosque, or "Mezquita," which was built in the 8th and 9th century by the Moors, but was re-purposed after 1492 by the conquering Christians. Today, the Mosque of Cordoba, improbably, contains a Christian cathedral within its walls. Other Cordoba attractions include the 15th century Synagogue of Cordoba which offers insight into the lives and practices of old Sephardic Jews as well as the 14th century Alcazar of the Christian Kings.