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          The beautiful town of Figueres can be found in the province of Girona, located in the Cataluna region on Spain. Located south of the Pyrenees, in the northeastern part of Spain, Figueres is known for it wines, architecture, and art. With many festivals and events occurring throughout the year a Figueres weekend trip is something worth considering. Along with the beautiful scenery, Figueres offers many historical sites and museums for any visitor to explore.Hotels in Figueres can be found at along with Figueres cheap hotels and Figueres discount hotels. Some of the many museums worth visiting are the Empordá Museum that shows the history and culture of the town, and the Catalan Toy Museum is full of toys from various periods. One museum that Figueres is known for is the Dalí Theatre-Museum. This museum was designed by the native-born artist, Salvador Dalí, and displays the surrealist paintings that were painted by Salvador. Other sites worth exploring is the Chapel of Sant Sebastià, La Rambia, and the Convent of Els Caputxins. Close to Figueres is the Castle of Sant Ferran, a fortress built on top a hill that can be seen from afar and is worth checking out. The Plaza del Ayuntamiento (town hall) is worth exploring as well. In Figueres, hotels and restaurants offer some of the fine wines and food that is well known in the region, and is worth tasting.