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      In the region of Guadalajara, you can go to see the Ducal Palace at Pastrana with its rough-hewn stone façade. There is a collegiate church from the 16th century containing four Gothic tapestries. In Siguenza, take time to view Siguenza Cathedral bearing the shield of Santiago and, while in Atieza, see the Castillo de Atieza. In this region, you should also take time to visit Guadalajara, the city. Guadalajara attractions vary from the Palace of the Duke of the Infantada to the Church of St. Mary. While the Palace with its Isabelline arch and a combination of Gothic and Mudéjar is the most popular of all Guadalajara sights, there are other things to see. For a touch of Guadalajara culture, wander through the Provincial Museum of Guadalajara or stroll the streets. Go shopping in Guadalajara and purchase local goods. If you still need to find things to do in Guadalajara, consider visiting the Nature Park of Hayedo de Tejera Negra or the Convento de la Piedad.