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Eibar is a city in Northern Spain, located in the autonomous community of the Basque Country. Almost since its origins in the 14th century, via a royal charter issued by Alfonso XI of Castile, the town has been known for its metal production and processing. During the 1500's, many armorers set up their workshops in Eibar. The armorers developed traditions that persist to this day. Today, the town boasts many steel and iron plants in addition to the workshops of old.One major point of interest in Eibar is the Church of San Andres. With its imposing gray facade dating from the 16th century, the building resembles a fortress more than a church. Other fascinating sites in town are the Basilica of Arate and the Armory School--the first of its kind, opened in 1926. Use the Internet to find hotels in Eibar suitable for your budget. Sites like let users research and reserve rooms in Eibar hotels ahead of time.