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      The province of Huelva is a coastal region with river mouths and fine white sandy beaches stretched along the Atlantic Coast. Within the province, you can hike in the parks or explore the coastline. You can also go to visit Huelva on the Tinto and Odiel Rivers. Huelva tourism boasts of the Natural Marshland Park at the mouth of the Tinto and Odiel Rivers. Other Huelva attractions, however, consist of the 1929 Monument of Fe Descubridora (explorers) near the harbor at Punta del Sebo and the English-style district appropriately named the Barrio Reina Victoria. Visit sights like the Cathedral with its Renaissance façade and sculptures of the Virgin of La Cinta. Arrive during this Saint Day festival to catch a glimpse of Huelva culture. If you still need things to do in Huelva, go to see the paintings by Zurbarám in the Church of the Conception or wander through the Provincial Museum. For a change in pace, go shopping in Huelva.