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For a weekend, Ayamonte is a coastal fishing town in the Andalusia region offering a retreat from the hectic world. Ayamonte hotels offer tranquility. Hotels in Ayamonte promise immersion in local culture. Only 5 kilometers away from Isla Canela and Moral beaches, summer time in Ayamonte is relaxing. They say the sun always shines on this part of the Atlantic Coast. Good thing too, because there are world-class golf courses in the area also. Ayamonte borders on Portugal and is picture perfect. For music lovers, every August the Ayamonte International Music Festival is held. Attracting musicians and attendees from around the world, the festival offers music fare that appeals to every taste. Included is traditional Spanish music such as the zarzuela to make your visit to Spain culturally well rounded.Ayamonte once held a Roman castle, now long gone. But on the site you can get a panoramic view of Ayamonte and its port. Like other towns in Spain, there are many interesting architectural gems to visit. Among them are the churches of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias and San Francisco. Both churches were built in the 16th century and walking inside is like walking into a history book. The years of Masses and thousands of people who have entered the buildings have left an emotional mark on the ancient walls. In addition to touring the churches, you can visit the Nabob houses. Ayamonte is the perfect get-away for the family. By staying in one of the discount hotels, Ayamonte visits are always affordable. Find Ayamonte cheap hotels at