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        If you take a look in the map, Jaca is small village located near the French Border. But if you go there for the weekend, Jaca is anything but small. Every winter, this town becomes the haven for ski enthusiasts while summer brings in the thrill and adventure seeker to its mountains. Historically, Jaca was also an Episcopal See. From the 11th century, religious structures were built to cater to the needs of the faithful. The 11th century Cathedral dedicated to St. Peter still stands with some of its original Romanesque beauty. Not so far from the center is the Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, adding even more importance to Jaca as a religious center. The artifacts and important documents from the past are all displayed in Diocesan Museum of Jaca. Year long vacation package with Jaca hotels are available online in Tourists can choose from all inclusive hotels in Jaca or the budget friendly Jaca cheap hotels. If you prefer discount hotels, Jaca locals make the place better with their warmth hospitality and complete equipment for all year long activities.