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    El Hierro Details

    The smallest of the Canary Islands is the Spanish island of El Hierro. With beautiful, untouched nature and a wide variety of amazing landscapes to experience during your stay, this island is sure to take your breath away and offer you a truly unforgettable experience. Since this island is rich with forests and other stunning nature, it is perfect for anybody who enjoys hiking or walking since they can take in everything that the island has to offer. Whatever your choice of activity is, there are cheap hotels in El Hierro to choose from, making it an ideal visit.There are natural swimming pools on the island, created by a volcanic eruption. One of these can be found in Tarmaduste and is a spectacular experience that you definitely shouldnt miss out on. If you like diving or snorkeling then there is some splendid underwater scenery that definitely shouldnt be missed. With so much to do and see on this naturally stunning island, and a variety of discount hotels in El Hierro to choose from, you should definitely for your next vacation accommodation planning.