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    The region of Andalusia, Spain, is home to the province of Jaén. Here, there are olive trees, the Sierra Mountains, the Cazorla and Segura ranges and fertile plains and valleys. Jaén has three principal cities. They include Baez and Ubeda. At Baez, you can admire the Gothic buildings and the Renaissance Cathedral. The major city, however, is Jaén. If you decide to visit Jaén, consider its reputation as the Gateway between Castile and Andalusia. Jaén tourism promotes this aspect. On the other hand, Jaén attractions focus on its churches. The Cathedral of St. Mary (1552-1802) combines Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements of style. It also houses a museum in two underground chambers containing historical objects. The Church of Magdalene (16th century Gothic), once a Mosque is a perfect example of eclectic Jaén culture and architectural heritage. Other Jaén sights include the Chapel of St. Andrews and the Central Cultural Palace of Villardom Pardo, once Roman baths. If you still feel the need to look for things to do in Jaén, visit the Moorish Fortress of St. Catherines Castle. Go shopping in Jaén or wander off to the Provincial Museum.