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      Long a point of contention between dueling states who all proclaimed to be its rightful owner, is this northern Spanish city of Logroño. Other than this historical tidbit, Logroño is celebrated for its wine, known as Wine of Logroño. Weekend diversions are easily found, if you can only visit for a few days, and enjoyed within the city. Some notable things to see are the Concatedral de Santa María de la Redonda, a large and stately cathedral, the Muralla del Revellín, the remains of medieval Logroño's wall, and the Plaza del Principe de Vergara, Logroño's central square. Also not to be missed are the Museo de la Rioja and the Casa de las Ciencias. Ask at your hotel in Logroño if it is possible to walk to these locations, as the best way to experience the city is on foot.There are several festivals held in Logroño throughout the year. During the largest of these, such as the festival of San Mateo, draw large crowds to the city and the owners of Logroño cheap hotels know that they can charge a premium for a room. Because of this, if you would like to find a good rate at the discount hotels Logroño offers, it will be best if you plan your trip early using