Hotels in Tejeda

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Tejeda Details

Tejeda is the central district of Gran Canaria in the Las Palmas area of the Canary Islands. The area’s economy depends largely on its cultivation of fruit and almonds. It is quieter than some areas of the Island due to its agricultural nature so it is good if you want a restful weekend, Tejeda is a very traditional agricultural village. Tejeda is at a high altitude and therefore has some stunning views across the islands. Tejeda hotels welcome visitors and it is usually possible to find room in hotels in Tejeda. It is worth visiting the Tejeda Tradicions Museum if you want to know more about the traditional way of life in that area. It is still possible to find some discount hotels, Tejeda is very quiet and not quite such an attraction for the young; Tejeda cheap hotels can be accessed through There is quite a bit for the interested visitor to see in Tejeda.Visit the Church of Our Lady of Help, built in 1921 after the original building was destroyed by fire; you should also visit the famous stone cross on Tejeda’s mountain path. It is located eight kilometres north of Tejeda, there is a market selling home made marzipan there is also a restaurant if you fancy a snack. If you want to go shopping then Las Palmas is the place, you can find designer goods and cheap knockoffs, Calle Triana has everything you could want.