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The city of León is one of the main cultural attractions of modern Spain, and one of the Spanish peninsula's richest cultural sites. The previous seat of the Kings of the Kingdom of León, León is home to a wealth of monuments dating both from the Kingdom and before – definitely more than you could see in a weekend. León's main attractions include the Cathedral of Santa María, which dates from the 13th century, the Basilica of San Isidoro, the walls of both the Roman and Medieval Periods, Gaudì's Casa Botines, and the Plaza del Grano. And, if you like to walk, be sure to inquire at your hotel in León about how to get to the Barrio Húmedo, which will thrill you with it's medieval charm.Besides these monuments, León is home to several museums and festivals. The MUSAC is the city's contemporary art museum, and Museo de León holds older pieces. The Semana Santa is a very big festival in León, and the continuing celebration of the pagan festival the Burial of Genarín will give your visit a unique experience. During these times, discount hotels in León will fill up, so it is wise to use to get the best rates at León's hotels.