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      Lugo is a province on the coast of Spain. In the city of Lugo, the provincial capital, you can wander an ancient Roman Wall surrounding the old town. There is also the Castro Rose Park, a Cathedral, the Provincial Museum and the remains of a Roman Bath. At Cervo, you can see the Cerámicade de Sargadelos celebrating blue and white glazed ceramics. While in Lugo, you can also pay a visit to Viveiro. You may want to spend a weekend in Viveiro or the region. Viveiro is a coastal town. The major Viveiro attractions are the sea, the surrounding landscape and the mountains. In Viveiro, tourism encompasses the miles of white beach along the coast, the port and nearby Mount Buyo. Other Viveiro sights include the stone bridge and the old gate of the town walls Puerta de Carlos V. If you can, arrive during the Rapa das bestos or roundup of wild horses. This is an interesting glimpse of old Viveiro culture in the present day. It is also a good time to go shopping in Viveiro. If you still crave other things to in Viveiro, go to the local beach, the Playa de Covas, or to nearby Playa Area.