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Alcorcón, located in central Spain approximately 13 km southwest of the capital of Madrid, is a fairly large suburb with a population of around 160,000. For tourists who want to experience Spanish culture yet avoid the busy trappings of the nearby capital, Alcorcón is a perfect choice. The city has its own number of sights for visitors to the region. Whether the stay is for a week or just a weekend, Alcorcón knows how to make guests feel right at home. Alcorcón hotels number in the many and provide all the modern amenities for a pleasant travel experience. In order to prevent confusion, hotels in Alcorcón are conveniently located throughout the city, close to sights and travel routes. For those travelers looking for discount hotels, Alcorcón also has a number of options. By using, travelers can discover these options within a few mouse clicks. By using the site to look up the city of Alcorcón, cheap hotels for budget savvy travelers can be found effortlessly.Those who visit the city of Alcorcón will see that finding something to see or do will be anything but difficult. The city itself is a marvel of beauty with 27 marble fountains that can be found throughout its streets. Along with having a municipal theatre for plays, concerts and dance recitals, Alcorcón also has a Municipal Collection of Contemporary Art building with over 2000 paintings, photographs, pottery pieces and sculptures. The Alcorcón City Museum of Glass Art has a number of exhibits from around the world. Tourists can visit the breathtakingly restored San José de Valderas Castle and The Alcorcón Street Theatre Festival features mimes, puppet shows, classical plays and other types of dramatic expression in the town center. The city is also home to its very own football club, the much beloved Agrupacion Deportiva Alcorcón.