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Aranjuez is a small city in the Madrid region of central Spain. It is 47 kilometers (29 miles) south of Madrid and 35 kilometers (22 miles) northwest of Toledo. It was once the spring quarters for royalty who constructed the beautiful gardens and parks that surround the Palacio Real today. The palace dates back to the year 1561, and reflects the influences of the Hapsburg and Bourbon monarchs. It is a must-see for anyone coming here for a vacation or a weekend. Aranjuez has several lovely parks, but is especially proud of the Jardin del Principe, which was designed in the eighteenth century. Guests in Aranjuez hotels who tour the park can visit the Museo de Faluas where they can see sailing vessels once used by Spanish Royalty. Another elaborate structure that can be seen by visitors staying in Aranjuez hotels is La Casita del Labrador, built as a private retreat for King Charles IV.Aranjuez is known for more than its colourful history. Its strawberries, which the locals call fresones, rather than fresas (ordinary strawberries), are reputed to be the best in Europe. The region is also famous for its asparagus. Tourists can dine well, while they take in the sites of Aranjuez, Madrid, and the other attractions of central Spain. For Information on Aranjuez cheap hotels, discount hotels, vacation packages in Aranjuez, Madrid and central Spain, go to for details.