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Hospital Infanta Leonor Details

Hospital Infanta Leonor in Madrid is easily accessed by public transportation as well by vehicle. The hospital is new, only opened in February of 2008. Currently, the Hospital Infanta Leonor has 264 patient beds, as well as 11 different operating theaters, all covering 85,000 square meters of hospital facility space. There are several specialty services and departments within the hospital including geriatrics, endocrinology, psychiatry and women's and children's health. The hospital uses a holistic approach to treatment that includes teams of doctors, nurses and support staff to treat and care for the patient. Its modern modular type design ensures that this new hospital can continue to grow and add buildings, annexes and features to match the needs of the population.

Address: Avenida Gran Vía del Este, 80, 28031 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 911 91 80 00