Hotels in Las Ventas Bullfighting Ring

Las Ventas Bullfighting Ring Details

Whenever you are visiting Spain, it is highly likely that the staff at one of the family friendly budget homes in Madrid near the Las Ventas bullfighting ring will recommend a trip to the historic building, even if there isn't a bullfight scheduled. This massive landmark building, which seats 25,000 people, is designed in the neo-Moorish style with very ornate inlaid decorations around the main entrances and arches. The huge bullfighting ring was completed in 1929 and hosted its first bullfight in 1931.

If you are in this beautiful city for a special event, taking a tour of the building and viewing the massive stadium is a must. Outside of the bullfighting season, which typically runs from March through to December, the stadium has also been used for tennis events as well as rock concerts. The arena part of the complex measures 60 meters in diameter, and is the framed by the tiered seating, making the facility great for all types of spectator events.

Address: Plaza de toros de Las Ventas, Calle de Alcalá, 237, 28028 Madrid, Madrid, Spain