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A key event in theworld of visual communication, Viscom Sign 2012 runs from 18th to 20thOctober. Make sure you book your Viscom Sign hotel in plenty of time, in orderto benefit from the wide choice and best rates guaranteed at the expanding technology of digital printing, visual communication enjoysa vast array of new channels through which to be utilised. Custom graphicstherefore plays a significant role in the Viscom Sign 2012 exhibition. Theevent is split into four key areas: Design and Innovation, Indigital, Digital Signage,and Viscom Sign.

Viscom Sign is aprofessionals-only event with a key focus on innovation and businessdevelopment in the industry. Over 150 companies are expected to exhibit at thisyears edition, with over 7.5 thousand visitors. The sectors in which visitorsoperate vary, with major sources being graphic design, management, production,and publicity. More recently, Viscom Sign encourages environmentally friendlyinitiatives through its promotion of The Green Path. The Green Path is a markof commitment to ecologically responsible design, production and distributionmethods, and adds a seal of approval to each exhibitors stand. If you intendto be amongst the action for Viscom Sign 2012, its wise to book a hotel roomsoon. has a wide range of discounted Madrid hotels, and you canuse the websites search and compare tools to identify and then book the bestViscom Sign hotel at the best rate.