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Located in Spain, close to Madrid and within the Autonomous Community of Madrid, is San Lorenzo Del Escorial, a small but pleasant village. This town is quite remarkable for its beautiful environment, located near the Valley of the Fallen, which has Benedictine Abbey. There's vast green plains with trees that dot the sides of the nearby hill, with a great view that can be obtained from the top of it. Of course, San Lorenzo Del Escorial hotels provide you the information on other notable attractions in the area.When visiting the city, one can appreciate both nature and culture respectively. If you travel south from San Lorenzo Del Escorial, you can find Madrid, which has some remarkable features, such as the Plaza de Cibeles and Puerta del Sol. Being the capital, there are also some high-quality discount hotels. San Lorenzo Del Escorial is a great place to stay too, however, but in any case, refer to to compare hotels and to make a reservation.